Looking past traditional cinema into avenues of visual media and other light-related phenomena across the online landscape—and beyond.

By Chloe Lizotte | January 24, 2024

Lyrical turnarounds like “Drive boy dive boy / Dirty numb angel boy / In the doorway boy / She was a lipstick boy”—in this surreal context, the sounds of human confusion are not so far away from how a glitching machine might speak. Homer’s version, a synthetic soliloquy.

By Chloe Lizotte | March 8, 2023

While watching these world-famous women pantomime Brady fandom, I thought, bizarrely, of people I knew, wrapped up in different fascinations; I wondered about the importance of spectatorship to everyday life.

By Chloe Lizotte | March 29, 2022

It has never been as easy to undercut the “truth” of filmed reality, but verifying truth in image-making was never so straightforward.

By Chloe Lizotte | November 4, 2021

Its creative interactivity distinguishes TikTok from image-based social networks like Instagram, and also explains its dominance as a short-form video app, a larger trend in China.

By Chloe Lizotte | September 17, 2021

Ulman has described herself as an artist “based in airports”: functional travel hubs with a navigable universality, regardless of their actual location.

By Chloe Lizotte | May 14, 2021

New logistical work-arounds sought to overcome the difficulties of physically congregating; each decision about tone could trigger dozens of questions. Are the problems we are experiencing self-contained within the pandemic, or perennial?

By Chloe Lizotte | November 10, 2020

"A radically new way to watch story and interact with story" conceals the true subversion out there.

By Chloe Lizotte | August 21, 2020

This is a contemporary American hellscape, but if Chaplin and Tati were socially aloof within environments of cold modernity, O’Malley’s outcasts can barely communicate as they navigate a world corroded by mediation.