Visits to cinema showcases around the world

By Jordan Cronk | June 11, 2015

Arabian Nights is essentially composed of a series of indulgences and digressions—some angry and some absurd, all imaginatively composed and unconcerned with the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

By Jordan Cronk | May 21, 2015

The strain from the unfortunate state of worldwide film funding has been felt more than ever at this year’s festival. Features Louder Than Bombs, In the Shadow of Women, One Floor Below.

By Eric Hynes | April 14, 2015

It was when winter finally started conceding to spring, with arctic temperatures reversing course overnight into short-sleeve weather and blinding sunshine, that word came through that Albert Maysles had passed away.

By Genevieve Yue | November 14, 2014

Berlin oder ein Traum mit Sahne (Berlin or a Dream with Cream), The Measures, Seven Signs That Mean Silence, Letters to Max, Babash, Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air, Broken Tongue, Sugarcoated Arsenic, The Dragon Is the Frame

By Eric Hynes | October 3, 2014

Film festival programming isn’t, and frankly should never be, an exact science.

By Nick Pinkerton | September 30, 2014

Pedro Costa’s Horse Money, Manoel de Oliveira’s The Old Man of Belem, Gabriel Abrantes's Taprobana, Eugène Green's La Sapienza, Alexandre Larose’s brouillard - passage #14, Eric Baudelaire's Letters to Max

By Jordan Cronk | May 30, 2014

David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, Olivier Assayas's Clouds of Sils Maria, the Dardennes' Two Days, One Night, Lisandro Alonso's Jauja

By Jordan Cronk | May 20, 2014

Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent, Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery, Abderrahmane Sissako’s Timbuktu, Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Winter Sleep

By Eric Hynes | March 18, 2014

The True/False Film Fest, the little doc survey that takes place in Columbia, Missouri, every late winter, is among the best programs on the continent.

By Genevieve Yue | October 25, 2013

Magic Mushroom Mountain Movie, Around the World (aka Speedy Speedy California Sky), Liahona, The Invisible World, Movement in Squares, Figure-Ground, murmurations, Falling Notes Unleaving, Ten Notes on a Summer Day

By Genevieve Yue | October 16, 2012

Monument Film sculpture, anders, Molussien (differently, Molussia), Phantoms of a Libertine, Audition, When Faces Touch, Collections, Martina’s Playhouse, From Romance to Ritual, Spying, Confidential Pt. 2, The Extravagant Shadows

By Kiva Reardon | July 3, 2012

Juan Sebastian Jacome's Ruta de la Luna, Kenya Márquez’s Fecha de caducidad, Ana Endara Mislov's Curundú, Vero Bollo's Burwa dii Ebo

By Ela Bittencourt | April 6, 2012

Noise, Carrière 250 Meters, ¡Vivan las Antipodas!

By Ela Bittencourt | April 4, 2012

The Open Sky, The Cultivation of the Invisible Flower, Soul Searching